There are over 300 million people who adentify as mixed race, making us one of the largest ethnic groups on the planet. However mixed race people do not feature in the above link.

In fact the global mixed race community doesnt feature much at all in regard to world events or news. In recent times there has been a bit of interest regarding mixed race people due the communities growth in countries with very small mixed populations or where the countries views on racial identity do not fully acknowledge mixed identities.

The purpose of the THEMXD is to serve the global mixed race community by conducting the following :

  • Promoting and protecting Pan-multiracialsm, mixed race identity and people.
  • Collect information regarding mixed race people and identiy.
  • Creating a platform to allow mixed race people to control the narrative surronding our identity.
  • Aggregate information,news,views and interviews regarding mixed race people from around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read. And welcome aboard !

Please email any questions or suggestions to info.themxd@gmail.com