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How many mixed race people are there ?

It took a while but I managed to gather some information about the demographics about the global mixed race community.

Below is an infograpbic I created showing the amount of mixed race people by region as well as the percentage in each of the countries which have a mixed category.

I gathered most of the information from each of the countries Wikipedia pages or via their demographics pages.

Although there or many countries which record their mixed population there are many countries and territories such as France where it is illegal or discouraged for institutions to record racial information. Both France and the Netherlands don’t provide any information regarding their mixed race population either domestically or in the overseas territories. The U.S only recently began recording its mixed race population and the hispanic  population which is itself very racially diverse is recorded as one group in the U.S. census despite the fact that it contains several different race groups. Australia and New Zealand have many people of indigenous and european decent however not much official data is available regarding the mixed population for the two most populous Oceanian states. Also it was very hard to find data for south, south east and central asia. These regions do have sizable mixed race populations however not much official information is provided.

Its my first post and attempt at an infographic ! I hope you all find it interesting and please let me know what you think.



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