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How many mixed race people are there ?

It took a while but I managed to gather some information about the demographics about the global mixed race community. Below is an infograpbic I created showing the amount of mixed race people by region as well as the percentage in each of the countries which have a mixed category. I gathered most of the…… Continue reading How many mixed race people are there ?



Now that the world cup hangover is over and many local leagues across the world are beginning. Countries like Mexico,Panama,Costa Rica,Colombia, Peru and Brazil had many mixed players in their squads. But there were nations at the world cup unlike many Latin American countries with large mixed race populations which also included mixed race players…… Continue reading MXD FC

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Patron saint of mixed race people

St. Marin de Porres was born Juan Martin de Porres Velazquez on the 9 December 1579 in Lima Peru. The illegitimate son of a Spanish noble Don Juan de Porres and a freed Panamanian slave Ana Velazquez of African and possible Amerindian descent. Initially St. Martin was apprenticed to a barber/surgeon however at age 15…… Continue reading Patron saint of mixed race people